VGA to HDMI adapter not working on laptop


Jun 21, 2017
I have an HP Laptop, model 6530b with Windows 7. It doesnt have an HDMI port. I am trying to display it on an RCA LCD TV that has HDMI but not VGA.

So I bought an adapter (GE brand) from Wal-Mart that converts my VGA cord to HDMI. I am getting a "No signal" box no matter what I try. Yes, I have the corrosponding HDMI port set to display on the TV. I have exhausted all fixes and solutions that google provided. I tried the method of turning everything off, plugging the cable in one side at a time, then powering the laptop on, then TV. The display detected icon that is supposed to show up doesnt. Even if I manually go to the external displays window and select Display to VGA, it still does nothing. I have been banging my head on this for hours now and I am getting upset.
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