Want to buy a new Origin laptop. Need help selling computers.


Jun 10, 2014
Hey guys. I am looking into buying a new laptop, preferably a origin laptop because i love there design. I have a Alienware m17x r4 and a Cyberpower desktop. I'm looking to sell them to get the money to buy the new laptop. I'll put the specs below.

Alienware m17x R4:-In excellent condition.
GPU: Nvidia 660m 2 gb vram
CPU: Intel i7-3740QM 2.70ghz (turbo clocks to 3.6 while gaming)
500 HDD
1920x1080 60hz screen

CyberPower Desktop
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870
CPU: Intel i7-990x (badass cpu lol)
2 TB HDD (bad ass HDD lol)

I'm looking for price estimates and maybe even any offers to buy them. Though currently it'll have to be an amazing offer because im still thinking about it.
Really just want to have one awesome computer and not two separate ones. Anyone that has experience selling computers please give me advice, thanks. :D

Thanks For Reading :)


Dec 26, 2012
Nvm i was thinking you were buying one or other. I can;t read lol. The last selling post looks like it got deleted, so yours may or may not, idk.
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