Want to purchase a Laptop


Mar 31, 2013
Hello Forum Members, I live in India, I want to buy a laptop, for gaming and work. My budget would be around Rs. 60000, and I mostly want to play the lastest Fifa games on it.
I have considered a laptop - the Dell Inspiron 14R 5421, so I just wanted a view on it.
Whether its a good buy or not? What are its pro's and con's? Is there any other laptop that I can consider instead of the 14R?

What I want in my laptop is:
1. I can play games on maxed out settings.
2. Laptop's smooth and fast, doesn't hang a lot.
3. A moderate battery life would suffice.
4. 750 Gb storage should be good.

If I purchase the laptop, I am going to keep it for about 2 years minimum. I am going to get the Laptop from US.

No specifics other than this.


Dec 28, 2009


Dec 28, 2009


May 30, 2012
6000 rp is roughly around 1000usd?

if you are into gaming do not settle for video cards weaker than GTX860M (GTX740 is more than 50% weaker than 860m) see link http://gpuboss.com/gpus/GeForce-GTX-860M-vs-GeForce-GT-740M

i recommend you spend just a little more on SAGER NP 7358. sager is well known to give u the most bang for your buck, and is highly customization for your preference

Here are the Specs SAGER NP 7358 - 1100USD
15.6 FHD Matte Screen (Matte screen are good for sunny or bright areas as it has anti glare)
4th gen i7 4700MQ
Win 8.1
750GB HD

but if you are willing to spend a bit more (1270USD)
i recommend going for NP8258 which also has GTX 860M and better heat vents (has seperated dedicated vents for CPU and GPU) plus this model has 2 slots for SSD and 2 slots for HDD you can eventually upgrade your laptop

also if your going to play one single game, i recommend going for a 120GB SSD. this will fit your OS and some Games nicely and you will see that every thing installed in the SSD will run Significantly faster. say good bye to processing and gamming lags :)
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