Wanting to buy an android phone


Dec 20, 2012

I'm looking to buy my first android phone. Really I would love any advice you think is important for a first time buyer, like things to avoid.

I will probably use it mainly as a music/movie player, so I want to keep the price below $200 if I can, and used or refurbished is fine with me.

I don't know anything about "rooting", but I'm open to that, as I heard you can buy a cheaper device and put a better version of android on it.

I've searched around a lot of ebay and amazon, but I can never make a decision because I don't know much about some of the technical stuff. So any recommendations or advice would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone have experience with these chinese generic android phones, some running jellybean. Many sound too good to be true and have inconsistent reviews.

- Battery life is important to me
- Budget: Around $150
- Main uses: MP3 / Movie player
- Don't have a data plan, so I will use a 2G AT&T simcard and wifi for data
- Open to/intirested in "rooting"

Thanks a lot.


I would simply suggest buying a prepaid phone from Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile. Simply register/activate it but don't put any money on it for minutes/text/data.

The Samsung Galaxy Reverb is currently selling for $100 online, but is out of stock. Maybe it sells for the same price at a store like Bestbuy or Radio Shack as well. It has a replaceable battery.


I have the HTC EVO V 4G which is currently priced at $180 and is also out of stock online, but perhaps still available in a store. It too has a replaceable battery and I know you can buy larger capacity batteries from Amazon, but that will also make the phone thicker. I can say how long the battery last when solely used for listening to music or watching movies. But from my "normal" usage the battery life seems to be pretty decent.


Buy it, activate it, and simply use it as a media player.
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