Warning: Latest iOS 11 Update Making Life Hell For Some

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Jun 24, 2016
nice little article giving attention to these widespread problems. When coming from 6s i can see how someone might wanted to upgrade, albeit a bit early. One shouldnt need to upgrade because phone is becoming sluggish. On the 7 though one shouldnt need to upgrade because of any issue really. If one can use a laptop or pc easily for 5 years why do we need to update our phones every two years. When i put ios 11 on my one yearold iphone 7 it also became terribly sloooooooowwwww sluuuuuugish.. like wtf. Clearly apple majorly messed up. And i do think allot people got the 8 because of these issues. Its an old trick apple keeps playing, doesnt make me less tired of it, in the contrary.. been a very 100% happy iphone user for a year up until this moment... lets see what google has to offer tomorrow. Wtf APPLe!!!!


Oct 3, 2017
I have a 32G, dual antenna iP6. That little puppy cost me a small fortune 2 yrs ago and I have no intention of upgrading. I've barely used 1/2 the memory. That little beast was working just fine until iOS11 rolled out. I don't care about all those bells and whistles in hardware or software. I just want it to work the way its supposed to.
I'm suffering many of the same widespread problems as most but I haven't read about any one particular app problem. (Raising my hand) My problem is the inability to open any password protected documents within the Pages App and the Files App. I click on them but no prompt for the fingerprint Touch ID or manual PW entry is given. Needless to say, I NO longer have access to any of my PW protected documents in Pages.
How scary is that?
The only PW protected document in Pages that I access on a regular basis contains ALL my username and passwords of ALL websites and accounts for all my media and devises. This information is extremely sensitive and Pages allowed me to privately and safely store all that information in one place (on my phone which has become an appendage) for immediate access when needed.
I was on the phone with Apple Support for more than 6 hours yesterday. The tech screen-shared my phone to verify the issue. I backed up my phone as instructed in the event a restore was necessary (even scarier), I rebooted several times; performed several hard-reboots and ended the call with a complete phone reset…all to no avail. I would have continued with Support had it not been pushing 11 PM.
After all that, I still can't access this crucially important document. I know it’s still on my phone because it peeked at me just once for a split second but then white-screened on me when it realized it was PW protected…no Touch ID prompt or manual PW entry.
Sooooo how long will it take get this fixed? How long will I be without access to my PW protected documents?
It doesn't matter number my iPhone is, I just want it to work. If it aint broke, don't fix it and don't replace it. If the Pages app, an Apple app - not a third party app, has this functionality issues on my iP6 it'll certainly have it on the 8 & X.
Looks like I'll have to find another way of saving PW protected documents on my iPhone.
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