Question Water spillage

Mar 8, 2020
So I had a bit of an awful morning.
Woke up to my alarm, phone was on the floor, reached down to get it, water tipped and went everywhere.
My laptop (razer blade 15) was shut and on the floor and it got a bit of water on, but not much, I wiped it down and it turned on was working fine, but my phone was in a state, so I was rushing to sort out my phone. Once my phone was sorted (it’s fine btw) my laptop wouldn’t respond so I turned it off and back on again, keyboard lit up, seemed to be working, the startup screen with the logo turned on but then the screen switched off but the laptop stayed on. It’s been in a bag with rice for the past 4 hours, lasts a little longer but still turns off before it can get to the login screen. Help???
Mar 8, 2020
Update, I know it’s literally been like two minutes. I plugged it in and it’s turned all the way on. But it’s at full charge anyway... should I be concerned??
One should never ever turn on a device after any kind of liquid spill. That is the quickest way to fry something.

And yes you should be concerned, but I am hoping it is still savable.

What you should do is turn it off, disconnect any power (charger and battery), open it up (physically) and also remove any attachments.

Then put it somewhere safe and dry where it can sit for a while. The more liquid the more time. So if only a small amount, then over night (yes I said overnight). More liquid more days. Also, if there was anything it it, other than straight clear water, then you will have to clean it out and then redry it.

Once it has had time to fully dry (btw rice is a not a way to dry it faster at all) then try turning it on and see what happens.

NOTE: The reason for all that, opening, removing stuff, long dry time, etc., is that all it takes a a teeny tiny drip of a liquid to get into the wrong place and sit there. Then either it will fry a part (or even the whole device) the moment any power comes near the liquid, or it will sit where it is and corrode the part it is touching so that the part or the device fries later.

Better safe than sorry.


Mar 10, 2017
If laptop is expensive and data is critical, consider letting a local computer fixit place break it down and thoroughly ensure it really is completely dried.
Also, please tell us that before this happened you have been making backups onto external media - if worse comes to worst.
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