Weekly Dumb Question Thread: Ask here!


Feb 13, 2017
Hey there everyone!

The team and I have been hard at work brewing up now forms of content and discussion here on the Tom's forum. Part of our initiative is the Weekly Dumb Questions Thread! Did you always want to ask a question but were worried you weren't going to get an answer? Or that people would judge you for asking?

Never fear! Our weekly questions thread was created specifically to foster a non-judgement environment. From the newest of newbs to the educated expert, the only dumb question is the one never asked.



Sometimes I feel like Dante Hicks from Clerks with all the stupid questions I see on a regular basis.



* It's not a silly question, until it's been asked :p
Honestly though I think some of the most common issues with bad audio output are caused by not reading the manual or hastily connecting it the wrong way. In regards to the quality of audio...well it's a subjective topic.

Regardless, a silly question here would be akin to group therapy :lol: Everybody loves group therapy!
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