Weird issue with my macbook keyboard


Jun 28, 2016
I was cleaning my macbook yesterday while it was on (which is dumb yes). I pressed all the keys while it was happening and it entered a lot of options and blah blah. I thought it wasn't a big deal and nothing bad was going to happen. SO then I leave the computer and don't touch it for like 50 mins. I come back, turn it on and it asks for my password (which is normal for my laptop after the sleep) but when I type the password it doesn't type anything. I got pretty freaked out. I restarted laptop and i got the same thing.

I decided to let it dry, thinking it maybe water damage, for 24 hours and nothing. But today I was googling stuff and I found out that i probably disabled mouse keys. Unfortunately theres no like numlock button on mac so i can't do that. Just recently I tried holding "option" button and it started typing on every number key except "1" which is a part of my password. Whereas if i dont hold option key , those nuumber keys dont work at all. Also keys like enter, tab, caps lock etc. work fine by themselves.

Please help! I don't think I have liquid damage. My laptop runs fine and just like before. The only problem i have is keyboard and some keys do work. I dont want to take it to repair cause i feel like it can get fixed easily. Maybe I pressed something that disabled keybaord before it went to sleep?

I appreciate any help


Attach a USB keyboard and enter your password. Once logged in, go into System Preferences and find the Keyboard. Check the box for Show Keyboard and Character Viewers in menu bar. You should now see a keyboard icon on your menu bar at the top. Click on that and I think you click show onscreen keyboard (sorry going by memory here). When the onscreen keyboard comes up, start hitting keys on your onboard keyboard. They will light up in green. If a different key, or multiple keys highlight when you press a key then your keyboard is bad and needs to be replaced. It doesn't take much liquid to ruin one of these keyboards. But this is the easiest way to tell if that is indeed what happened.

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