Weird problem with Fraps and Dxtory


Dec 5, 2012
Okay so this problem is hard to explain but its basically about a sudden change in performance using both fraps and dxtory. I dont think its related to either program but i think its something to do with my computer.

Okay well ive been using an snes emulator (snes9x) playing a game and recording it with fraps. Ive been recording at 1360x786 for no apparent reason with fraps for about 1 week and have made several successful videos with no lag or anything.

So yesterday i decided to boot up my game and play some more with fraps on. The game was going fine until about 5 minutes into it, out of nowhere it seemed like fraps dropped the emulators fps to 30 which in turn slowed the game to a ridiculous speed. Since then for whatever reason i cannot record anything without fraps locking the fps to 30. This is at 1360x786 and my comp is well enough to handle that. Lockframerate unchecked etc etc ive looked up on google for hours finding nothing.

So i figure for some random reason fraps isnt working for me. So i try dxtory which presented issues of its own. I was recording a video on the same game, same emulator, and after pressing the record key, the fps would drop to 30. It did the same exact thing as fraps. It did this randomly even though it wasnt framerate locked.

For some reason dxtory stopped causing fps drops and gameplay was even better. I was able to record at 1080p no problem as with fraps i wasnt able too. It went good for about an hour.. then i stopped and decided to check out the video.

I noticed dxtory's videos never play as smooth as fraps videos do. Dxtory was outputting 15fps videos when i was recording at 60. I double checked the settings and nothing was set to 15.

Another strange problem is that when dxtory does this, my computer will slow down as well. Meaning chrome will take long to load (and anything else) and my computer feels like something is busy. Also when i try to delete dxtorys videos, windows has to "discover them" which locks it in an infinite loop of not being able to delete them until i restart. Only does this with dxtory. It did it the first time i tried it too but it seems i can get better performace out of this.

So.. ill try to summarize it.
- Fraps now randomly drops the emu (any game aswell) to 30 fps. Although it doesnt feel like 30 fps, it feels like 2.. ive seen 30, but THAT is not 30.
- Dxtory does the same thing with fraps.
- I fixed Dxtory somewhere by raising the fps to 60. However when it records the video output is 15fps (even when its set to 30 in video settings).
-The videos Dxtory outputs cannot be deleted like fraps videos can. Windows will "discover" Dxtory videos for an undetermined amount of time.
- Dxtory, when not recording but after a fault video is output, will lag the whole system for a good while.

i dont know what it could be. Recording (snes, 64, amnesia, bulletstorm) was fine for WEEKS and just out of nowhere fraps just messes up on me. Im thinking something happened to my system?

The only thing i changed video related was installing a plugin for vdub.. but i dont see how it could be a problem considering they came with their own codec.


Apr 8, 2013
Hay don't know if you have it sorted, but i had the same issue i sorted it by turning off bilinear filtering in the video menu option.
hope this helps :)

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