What a Diehard iPhone User Thinks of the Pixel 3

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Aug 9, 2018
Curved edges not the same on all 4 corners? Not feeling right, you panic? Jason, bud, its called oc and borderline. My ex-wife could not handle 4 chairs around a round table. So she lined them up against the wall in a perfect line...

I am aware that Apple is marketing their products to customers with OC. Thats the 20%.
Thats why you have exactly those curves, a little bit of chrome and SYMMETRY. The audio on Apple devices is crap. Same on And. Its physics. Use headphones. As for chip performance. Both are plenty fast.

Look at an Essential. All the OC clues are nonexistant. Its a wonderfully designed black slab where all the OC triggering elements are absent. No logo, dark non branded interface, The notch is tiny and invisible and it sounds just as crappy as a Pixel, iphone etc.
In the artworld we decided 700 years ago that symmetry of a picture frame is not the way to go and we added a little heft to the bottom of it. Looks way better. Pixel does it, Essential did it better. Apple...well.
The apple cams are horrible. The IOS candy looks dated and lags way behind in usability compared to Pie.
It also eats tons of battery. Form follows function? Not so. Its a pure styling exercise. A 56 Dodge has less bling than a 58 Dodge.
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