What all short cuts can I try to get TO safe mode on Win 8 after my Acer M45 series has crashed too?


Aug 5, 2016
After 7/11 "forced update" my Acer Aspire M45 series laptop is doing all the same things, but if I leave it off for a couple days, the first time it will load the start screen, within a minute or two if I try to access any apps that can get me to set up, bios etc it will then freeze up, and if I try booting again it will not boot into Windows, almost as if there were someone actively controlling access.

I know a lady actually filed suit in Small Claims court and won 10K for damages...it somehow bypasses the EULA agreement. I am 60 years old, a chemo survivor on disability and writing is the only work I can do. This is a 14 year old XP3 OS, but cannot access my work offers Twitter and Microsoft continually says my account does not exist!

I'm not a tech savvy guy, and truly cannot afford to even get this fixed much less replaced, and desperately need help!

Thank you all.....

Vincent "Vinny" Setala
Could you pleasee start by clarifying whether you're running Windows 8 or Windows XP?

Also, why do you feel the need to go into BIOS? You have to try to get there long before Windows (whichever) starts up and it's usually done by tapping Fuinction 2 or Delete but it should tell you that on the screen.