What Are Loot Boxes? Gaming's Big New Problem, Explained

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Nov 22, 2017
If you are going to be a writer, then write the truth. Loot boxes have become more and more popular in the last year. <- "WITH DEVELOPERS"


Jan 7, 2014
You forgot to mention the great Star Citizen Scam of selling 000's of $ of items to gamers when you dont have a game and are more likely to go bankrupt before you get close to delivering one !


Aug 1, 2008
Game of War is the biggest purveyor of this filth. It has gotten so out of hand that the game is SO imbalanced now that a 1 troop march can actually zero out a huge army based on what boosts you have via potions, runes, buffs, etc. And every week, Machine Zone releases a new update that requires massive transactions if you want to get to the next highest level. And some require items that you can ONLY get via purchasing packs, which usually run $99. It's a massive scam and it's amazing how many people STILL throw money at it, yet they complain endlessly how they have to keep spending, yet they continue to do so. It's definitely a form of gambling because even just purchasing one pack does NOT guarantee that you'll get all the items you need to upgrade to the next highest level. And since some items that are required to upgrade are NOT available through grinding, you MUST pay to get them. By the time MZ starts releasing those "required" items for "free" via grinding, they'll already be releasing the next upgrade to pretty much make those items obsolete and you'll have to start purchasing again. This is gambling, period. And the only way to combat is it to STOP supporting them. Problem is, people are SO addicted to it that they lose track of what they spent. It's scary and it's sad. These loot boxes and micro-transactions have ruined the gaming industry. How I pine for the days of old when games had substance over visual flair. Those games are the ones I find myself pulling out and playing over and over again. I miss those days. Game of War, Mobile Strike, The Walking Dead March To War, etc all need to go away or change their model so that the spenders don't have the upper advantage. But, it also results in the game having nothing BUT spenders as they run the casual gamers off of the platform and then it dies. And the only ones happy are the companies that have raped your wallet as you sit and watch all that money you sunk into it go down the drain as the game is taken offline.
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