What is ACER's validation system?


Dec 19, 2017
Three times I tried to order a laptop from ACER and all three times the order was cancelled because my information failed their validation process. The first two cancellations are on me, I'll bite that bullet. First time I neglected to add my middle initial which is on my debit card. Second time I forgot I had updated my address so used the old address for billing. Again, my fault. Third time, NOT MY FAULT. My money was cleared from the second order and I checked my bank account for the correct information to use. Fine, got all of that so ordered the predator 17 g9-793-79v5 again. Order cancelled once more. What's the problem this time ACER? All the information is correct? This issue is two-fold because 1) ACER hits your bank account BEFORE the validation process otherwise how could the money be on hold. If the validation process is that stringent, VALIDATE first and when everything is cleared, charge the bank account! This is unjustifiable because the money won't be released for up to ten days. 2) Not one soul in CS can explain what the validation process is. NOT ONE! It's so top secret they have the flimsy excuse of going in circles while they repeat "I'm sorry, but you failed the validation process and that's all we know." Well sir, what exactly failed? Then they get inventive and start saying things like, "well it could be that you're using an international card and we don't process those" or "the zip + four on the billing/shipping address might be different from what's on your account". Um, ACER, no it's not and you know how I know that. Whelp because I logged into my account and went to Profile & Settings to check the address. Now get this, I received a cancellation notice for the first and second orders but didn't receive anything for the third order. Not one email but when I logged back in to check the order status because I hadn't received an email after the confirmation that the order was received and being processed and I would receive another email shortly with the shipping details. Seven hours later and still no email hence checking the order status. The order was cancelled without notifying me. Called CS and the Rep I spoke to was very perplexed as it seemed the information "this time" was correct and he couldn't understand why the order was being rejected. So a few hours after that conversation, I decided to order a predator mouse. Got the confirmation email for that. Checked the order status which showed "Processing". Now, how is it that the laptop order earlier that same day using the SAME information was cancelled within half an hour while this mouse order was processing. All things being equal except for the price of the items, CS can't tell me there's an issue with the information I provided if one item goes through at $14.99 while another item doesn't at $1,549.77! Lest anybody think my bank might have issued a hold, DON'T. I called BOA and was told they didn't have an issue with the order and it was in the "Processing" state on their end because ACER put it in that mode. They were waiting for ACER to either commit to the transaction or cancel. What the heck is going on with ACER???
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