What Is Sweatcoin, and How Does It Work?

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"Each time you get up off the couch to jump on your Peloton bike, take a quick walk with the dog or simply move around outside the house, Sweatcoin tracks your movement and logs it into its app."


"and verifying that it's fine for the app to know where you're going and track your movement without your app being open"

Complete no. Not a chance. No way, no how.

"Sweatcoin even warns you that the app will dramatically impact your battery when you allow it to track you."
What about this sounds like a GoodIdea?


The math on this is absolutely hilarious.

For 3,650 coins, you get a $50 gift card. If you're getting one coin per 1,000 steps or so, with the average men's stride being about 2.5 feet, you're in the neighborhood of one coin per half-mile. So that makes about 1825 miles you have to travel to earn a *$50 gift card*.

But before you take off on your walk from Portland, Maine to Miami, Florida to grab your $50 gift card, you can only earn 570 coins a month. You also can't earn more than 20 coins a day, so in a 30 day month, you have to walk at least 10 miles every single day to get to 570 a month (600 minus the 30 you have to give back to them as "payment").

So after your 1825-mile walk, which you've spread out evenly over ten-mile strolls over seven months, you finally get that $50 Nike gift card, which will score you half of a pair of shoes! Of course, since the typical recommendation for when to replace shoes is 500 miles, you're also on your fourth pair of shoes.

Jun 6, 2018
I retired a couple of years ago, and am a dog walker, walking a couple of neighbour's dog and my own. Typically I rack up 15,000 steps a day, or 15 sweatcoins a day. Walking dogs 20 days a month = 300 sweatcoins/month. If I go with the 20,000 sweatcoins for $1000 from PayPal, that equals 66.6 months, or 5 1/2 years. A $50 NIKE Gift card requiring 3,650 sweatcoins equals 12.1 months of walking, or one year.

Is it worth it? An extra $50 per year is nothing (about the same I make for walking dogs in a day), but it is free money. The down side is the extra drain on your battery (which doesn't last for ever) and may require a battery replacement a lot sooner than expected, and can be costly. As I tend to keep a cellphone for many years before upgrading, I'd likely have to replace the battery before replacing the cellphone. If battery replacement costs $100, then that's the same as walking for 2 years to pay for the replacement.

Although I don't consider this a scam, I'm not convinced this is worth my time to collect.
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