What is the best windows laptop model or product line with a multicore cpu at at least 2.4ghz?


Aug 25, 2014
Ah... that's something of a personal choice. Maybe try specifying a budget and what kind of use it may go through so we can give you a decent reply. Are you going to keep it plugged in or does battery life matter?

If you want cheap, AMD laptops aren't too bad if you pick the right one. Regardless I haven't been keeping up with the cheaper laptops so I'll leave this discussion to everyone else.



battery life is not that important. i keep it plugged it most of the time. my current one lasts like 4 hours on battery. of course the longer it lasts the better but if it lasts that long it's good enough for me.

the cpu has gotta be an intel. i think some of the virtualization software has problems with AMD CPUs and i need my virtualization software. :)

i don't do any gaming on it. i run design and programming software sometimes and there are small programs for different things. ram it comes with isn't that important, as long as it supports at least 8GBs. chrome is probably what gets the most use.

price is probably going to be $500-900 and since it's older it's going to be 50-70% of that. i want a cheap laptop that i can abuse and not feel bad and easily replace if i need to. i use a keyboard cover and a screen protection film, which lessens the need to replace as often, but you still need to replace it sometimes.

so basically what it boils down to is the cpu.


Aug 25, 2014
I used to like Lenovo but they aren't as good as they used to be, besides they're not in the right price range. I would look at the dell, asus, and hp laptops for your purposes, like I said I'm not up to date on the cheap laptops so I can't really offer any useful information.

You might consider recreating this post with the information that you posted in your reply to me as that should get some useful replies.


Mar 15, 2015
try asus x453m..its cheap but have a 4gb ram and quadcore processor.it cost around rm1300 and very good for gaming as i experience it myself.i can play assassin creed black flag and dota 2 without problembut you still might have to adjust the gaming graphic to low.as far as i concern, it is the best for cheap model.it use window 8.1 with bing.

if you need something else you can usk.

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