What laptop should i buy on this budget?


Dec 18, 2013
I'm buying a Laptop for christmas and I have a budget of 500.00, I am curious to know what laptop i should get.

I'm looking for basically the best bang for my buck possible performance wise.

Something with a current gen i5 would be nice

Good battery life would be great too.

something i could do minor video editing on.

I really am not too interested in a HP, I've had their towers in the past and must say my experience with them was not great.

It would also be great if it didn't have a full sized keyboard and wasn't overly huge.

Anyways, if you were me and you had to work on this budget what would you get?


Dec 18, 2013

That's a tough budget for your requirements. I think you're going to have your best luck with a refurb, and if you're comfortable with going that route, you might be able to get more than you expect. For instance:

Dell Vostro i7-2630QM@2.0GHz, 17.3" wide screen, 2 GB of DDR3, 80GB HDD (the weakest point of this laptop, in my opinion), Intel HD graphics 3000 + NVidia GeForce GT535M (that'll cover your minor video editing). It doesn't come with a battery or an adapter, but you can get a compatible 9cell (7800 mAh) battery for $21.77 (free shipping) (still no charger...I'm looking at the compatible ones)

$450 Buy it now (or best offer) for the laptop on Ebay, then $21.77 for the battery and whatever the charger would cost.

There's also one that is used, up for auction(2 days+ left) that's sitting at $450...cosmetic damage
Dell Inspiron 17R-5720
i7(2.4GHz), 8 GB
17.3" screen

There's also this one that I came across that looks promising:
$450 buy it now (free shipping)
Asus K55A 3rd gen Intel Core i5, 15.6" display 8GB RAM (upgraded from 4GB), 500GB hard drive, Windows 8.1 Pro. It currently only has 10 views.
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