What Receiver is Right for 2 8 ohm Speakers


Jul 10, 2010
My son has two 300 watt speakers that are giving his receiver fits. I am not an audio expert and I am looking for advice for him. The speakers are 8 ohms 22 Khg frequency response. The speakers have 2 - 12" sub woofers in each one. Anybody have a recommendation on what receiver would successfully power these speakers.


There's 2 x 12" subs in each one, how many ohms is each speaker (the speaker inside the cabinet), and are they wired in parallel?
Is this a brand name speaker or a home made speaker?
let's say that the speakers cabinets are 8 ohms total, each side. It would not give a receiver fits unless it were wired wrong. it could be wired wrong.
But what do you mean by "fits?"
To make a recommendation you would really need to know, is the system being played really LOUD? Like ear-splitting loud?
Or is it being played at normal listening levels?


I usually figure 50 watts per woofer depending on the size of the room and how loud you want to play your music. So something around a 200 watts RMS per channel receiver should be fine, maybe less watts can be used if the room is small and he doesn't turn up the volume high.

Also it depends on the efficiency of the speakers. The higher the number the more efficient the speakers. Speakers generally range from 85dB to 105dB.

I can't recommend a receiver because I use separate components. Just buy a good quality receiver.

If you have a local stereo store (not Best Buy and etc.) that deals in used and new equipment they can help you out and buying used, you can get a good deal. They usually offer 1-2 year trade in where you get full value of the equipment to trade up to something better.

Happy listening, the Prisoner.


May 27, 2007
8 ohms is pretty standar for a home speaker. If it's a 200 watt RMS speaker a typical 100 watt per channel home receiver should be able to power it fine. If you're trying to get extremely loud or have amazing sound quality that is where you should start looking into separate amplifiers. Of course that will be much more expensive too.
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