What's your perfect laptop? (Doesn't have to exist, just a fun discussion)


Apr 10, 2014
Hey guys. Just wanted to start a discussion about a dream laptop I have. It doesn't exist, and I dare say it may never exist, but I just thought it'd be fun to discuss this with y'all.

So imagine. A laptop.
- Yoga 920 sized with XPS bezels except for the top, to accommodate a 1080p, IR camera for Windows Hello
- Razer style body minus the green accents and flashy logo.
- Black, anodized aluminum finish.
- Lenovo ThinkPad keys with RGB, Razer font, numpad and with/without dedicated macro keys.
- 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, full HDMI 2.0, 2 each USB 3.1 Type A and Type C, audio jack, microphone jack, full size SD card slot, and fingerprint reader.
- 1440p IPS Touch Display with Wacom AES Digitizer and 94% AdobeRGB
- Stereo speakers from -insert favorite audio manufacturer- with 2 subwoofers
- Graphics good enough for Dark Souls 3 (or your favorite game) on low settings.
- Hyperthreaded quad core, base 2GHz up to 3.5GHz
- All day battery (9+ hours normal use, 2+ gaming, ~99Wh)
- And best of all....360 degree hinge

I'm talking about something so blasphemous and niche in nature that it would be counterproductive to even produce on a mass scale. That, is my perfect laptop.

How about y'all? What absurdities and interesting ideas contribute to your perfect laptop?


Oct 8, 2011
Mine would weigh about 30 pounds and have everything upgradeable. And not just a 360 degree hinge... It would have no hinge, so that its large screen could sit on a desk, connected only by a cable. The same goes for its full-sized keyboard.


Okay, really, for a laptop, I might prefer something that was very small and portable, maybe about the size of a small tablet that could fit inside a large coat pocket, with a pressure-sensitive pen digitizer and an OLED screen, along with a keyboard that could be flipped around back when not in use. The whole thing should have a grippy, rubberized finish too. Thickness wouldn't matter much. I would ideally want it to have at least six cores and graphics performance on par with a GTX 1050.

Maybe have a charging dock that acts as a stand and splits the device's case open down the center when inserted, so that it can feed a constant stream of air over the internal components using a single, large fan to enable full performance when docked, while remaining quiet. Perhaps an array of heatsink fins could be folded over inside the device's case, and when the case case is split open they unfold into position to allow air to circulate between them. It also must have at least 12 USB ports. : 3