Where do I find my downloaded app from play store on laptop HP Windows 10


Aug 23, 2016
I downloaded an app from the play store unto my HP laptop Windows 10 and I cannot find it. Help!!!!!


Jul 15, 2011
google play store? or windows store?

didnt know could download from google play store to pc--though never actually tried to--either one try searching for the name


From the OP via PM:

Yes I've looked in the download file. I have a HP Laptop Windows 10. I downloaded an app from the Google play store (at least I think I did) The thing is I can't find the stupid thing. Not only once did I download it, but twice. I couldn't find the app the first or the second time. Did I download it??? I read somewhere about a Windows Store, could that be the reason? Did I shopped at the wrong store?
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