Question Which laptop should I choose?

Nov 18, 2020
I use software like lightroom classic and davinci resolve and autocad.
Option 1: Dell Inspiron G3 3590
Gtx 1660 Ti
16gb ram ,512 ssd

Option 2: Huawei Matebook 14
AMD Radeon Graphic
16gb ram ,512 ssd?


Why only those two? I have had bad experience with Dell batteries in the last 3 generations of their models (they swell up at a high rate), and Huawei is a bit of an odd duck for support and even being banned from some markets due to ties to the Chinese government.

Outside of a workstation class system which is probably out of your price range, the Lenovo Legion line is pretty good with good CPU and video cards

Or the IdeaPad line which is cheaper.

You can also look at the gaming models if you don't mind the looks, MSI, Sager, Clevo are pretty good, along in line of the workstation systems. Depending where you are from, I like the xoticpc site for how they organize the models they sell, it's easy to see many systems well organized