Question Which laptops can I switch on without opening the lid?


Oct 28, 2016
I ordered an Acer Swift 1 laptop recently, and I am disappointed that I am unable to switch on the machine without opening the lid. Most of the time I would like to use the laptop as a mini PC, this is why I am interested in the question.

Of course I mean switching on from the S5 state, not from a sleeping or suspended state, from those later states laptops can be waken up by a keystroke on an attached keyboard.

I would like to know which laptops can be switched on, and how, without opening the lid (screen). For example which has an accessible power button on the side, which has an ability to switch on via a docking station, or with an attached keyboard, or even maybe with a wake on lan device.

When searching for answers I found this funny and instructive video on the topic:

I am guessing you are looking for a "real" laptop not a convertive or tablet format laptop. Any business class laptop can turn on from their docks, Lenovo T,X models, Dell Lattitudes, etc... Wake on lan to turn on a laptop should work with any system that has wake on lan, which should be pretty much any of them. Trick is to enable it turning on with that magic packet sent to it.