Which RAM for Samsung NP880Z5E

Lear Cabrini

Mar 26, 2015
I'm going to upgrade RAM of my PC.
It has 8GB DDR3 embedded and only one slot for expande the ram.
It is currently running in single channel mode.

I want to add one module to have 16GB and also run ram in dual channel mode.

I cannot find any information on which module type I should install. The manual report only DD3 RAM. I asked to Samsung support but they has not been able to help me. They only gave me the phone number of a third-party repair company. A wrong phone number.

Anyway, I read around and it should be SoDimm 204pin PC3-12800 (at 1600MHz).
Anyone can confirm that?
I found in some stores original samsung PC3L-12800. So I'm not sure which voltage version is supported by my PC.