Which smartphone would you recommend me?

Geri Cala

Jul 2, 2015
Hey guys. Which one of the above smartphone would you recommend me ?
HTC M7 (173$) showcase product
LG Zero (223$) new
LG K10 (211$) new
LG GFLEX (197$) showcase product
Asus zenfone 2 laser z550kl, (205$) new
Samsung Galaxy J3(6) (182$) new
Samsung GalaxyJ5 (205$) new
Amazon fire phone (189$) new
While we can let you know what we like or dislike about each device, in the end recommending is complicated as we don't actually know what features you are looking for, what you plan to do with the phone (besides calls), etc.

I would suggest you really look hard at the devices side by side. Especially comparing specs.