which SSD should i buy for my ACER ASPIRE 5732 Z Laptop

Saga Lout

Take a good look at the laptop before you buy anything. I fix PCs for a living and have an Aspire15 in here with a dead HDD and there's no access to it. I can get as far as seeing the disk but not enough to remove it. Even if I could, I still wouldn't be able to connect a replacement.

Acer want you to pay them for service and replacements.

If all you can see on the base of your machine is about fifteen screws, none of which release a hatch to access the RAM or the hard disk, then it's all inside the case and inacccessible..

It's not just ACER - HP and Toshiba are as bad. Look at your keyboard - it only comes out one way and that's downwards so you can't replace that either.