Why Apple's Tim Cook Prefers AR over VR

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Oct 6, 2016
As Apple is the pioneer in adopting any new technology so that Tim Cook knows the value of Augmented Reality really well. He knows about the benefits of Augmented reality and how it can be useful for the people.

Here are some benefits of Augmented reality
1. A business can present engaging content using augmented reality to their target customers. It can help them to give better knowledge about their product or service to the customers. It results in higher sales.
2. Content produced using augmented reality can go viral and compete with the competitors.
3. Step by step guidelines and instructions can be created more accurately using augmented reality.
4. A business can use it to create the training program for their employees so that they can understand the training easily and can explain it to customers.

There are more benefits of Augmented reality that's why Tim Cook prefers AR.
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