Question Why does this happen?

Jun 23, 2021
For a while now I have had sudden black outs, glitches and also unable to unlock using finger print more than 50% of the time.
  1. I would play a video: a workout video and workout along with the video. The screen would just black out and everything would stop. If i just left the computer without doing anything it can stay on and not have any problems whatso ever. It only happens when I watch workout videos
  2. when unlocking the screen I would be unable to unlock using fingerprint(sometimes it would say welcome and say that its unlocked but it isn't, it would also glitch a lot when this happens)
  3. In the beginning I was not able to use the taskbar when it was where it was traditionally because it would glitch and i wouldn't be able to do anything(ultimately i changed the taskbar to the side of the screen to overcome this problem
  4. The mouse pad would just stop working all of a sudden and be both super sensitive and not at all. The cursor would move all over and it takes sometime till this is over.
This has been like this since I bought this, Around march 2020. I was unable to go and and see whether anything was wrong because we had been in lock down for a long period of time.
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