Question Why is laptop slowing down?

Jan 18, 2020
I am using hp 15-be012tu. I use it daily (now it is at the stage where I use it mostly for 10 hours at stretch but it does not heat up).

I had it working good, but for the last year its keeps on slowing down. I am using windows 10 pro, and tried formatting it 2-3 times. It works well for a week or two after formatting, and then it starts slowing down. Gradually hangs chrome to the extent that it takes 45 minutes just to get a new tab.

I use ms office, skype, dropbox, adobe, chrome, and a couple other programs all together ( I need to use this all at same time, no other choice and may have to add some programs down the line)

Any idea what I can do? I tried switching out Windows 10, Chrome, and MS office sources, but nothing helps. Would appreciate the insight.

Even though you use those programs all at once, you can do things to minimize their resource usage. Clearing history, cache, removing add-ons you aren't really using, etc.

Also close down any programs you aren't actively using.

Then I would look at what else is running in the background. Even if you aren't opening anything on your own doesn't mean that nothing is running. Many programs set themselves to load all or parts when Windows starts. Try ...

NOTE: Be careful when accessing this next big of info as messing with the wrong things can lead to way worse problems than you are having.

... going to "Start" and the in the search box type "msconfig" (without the quotes). In this program click on the "Startup" tab and look at what is loading with Windows. Do not uncheck anything without knowing for sure that it won't cause issues and you know for certain what the program it is for does. If unsure, look it up online. Once you are done save the changes and you will be prompted to reboot the computer.

Additionally, I would suggest you completely shut down your computer at least once a day. Not sleep or hibernate but turn it completely off. If you don't then the resources that your programs are using, even if you close the program, are not being fully restored. It can only be done when the computer is restarted.


Mar 10, 2017
+1 webworkings! I only add: consider using Harddisk Sentinal or anything similar because it just might possibly be that the HD is slowly, slowly, sinking into the ocean due to re-allocation of sectors or something else.


Mar 10, 2017
Along with msconfig, one can also use Windows Features and services to see what is going on "under the hood". Again as webworkings indicated earlier, be very careful about what you disable. Changing the subject a little: have you been making full image backups onto external media of your OS and data partitions before this situation got as bad as it has?
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