Why You Should Stop Pre-Ordering Video Games

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Oct 27, 2016
I get your overall point about pre-ordering and how it would be beneficial to the overall gaming world to simply stop but I do think there is one aspect of pre-ordering that is being missed by the journalistic community. For some people, pre-ordering is really the only way they can afford any type of game. If you are a kid / teenager or any person with limited funding, really, and want to buy a game, then pre-ordering works the same as lay-away. If a game costs sixty and you only have to put down $5 to reserve, the more time in advance allows one to pay in installments without breaking their pocketbooks and getting some bonus to boot (skins, guns, etc etc.) I think that is the one fundamental issue I have with the "stop pre-ordering" movement. I have a pretty good job and have money for extracirricular activities and I still avail myself of pre-ordering simply to ease my way into ownership. For example, I will pre-order the Nintendo Switch just so i can simply pay at my leisure and not have to drop $3-400 all at once. That seems to be missed by many.
Not open for further replies.
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