Wife's Laptop isn't running like it should.


Jan 27, 2013
Hello everyone, I'm starting this from the beginning of another thread where I already chose a best answer regarding downgrading an OS.


I noticed that as usual, there are very helpful people on this website so I wanted to start this thread in order to tackle the new issue, why is my wife's laptop running like this?

The laptop is only 5 months old and it freezes every so often, locks up in the middle of a simple program, (like a browser or a photo viewer for instance) and it just doesn't run smoothly as you'd think a mid range gaming laptop would.

Here's the laptop for reference: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834310628

At first I thought there was something regarding a discrepancy between the hardware and the OS because we reformatted it and removed all that bloatware and now we've got a CLEAN copy of Windows 8 on there. It solved some problems, like taking WAY too long to wake from sleep mode, freezing when waking up and all of the current problems as well.

But now I just want to make sure we've got our money's worth out of this laptop.

To answer questions ahead of time, the computer has never had a virus or any bit of malware, after formatting the computer, I installed all drivers available/necessary from Lenovo's website and there are no missing devices/drivers in Device Manager.

What can be done about this? Thanks for the help ahead of time and I will be selecting a best answer.


Sep 5, 2013
In Control Panel, try to look for Power Plan. Select High Performance.
Also, could you please post a screenshot of the Windows Task Manager's running processes during an idle and then during a browser being open? I have a feeling that something undesired might be running.