Question Wifi Automatically Disconnects and Reconnects again

Jun 8, 2020
Country: India
Wireless Mode : 802.11 B/G/N Mixed (for SINHA_2.4GHz)
802.11 AC/A/N Mixed (for SINHA_2.5Ghz)
Security Settings :
Network Authentication: WPA2-PSK
Encryption Type: AES

Wi-Fi Additional Settings:
Bandwidth 20/40 MHz
Bandwidth 20/40/80 MHz

MAC filtering if off for both bands
Device Information
Model: DIR-841
Hardware revision: A1
Firmware version: 3.303
Build time: Fri Oct 4 2019 1:05:51 PM MSK
UI version: 1.5.0.aaf7c7c-embedded
Vendor: D-Link Russia
Serial number: TK101J7001207

I have a D-Link DIR-841 Dual Band Router. I have two wifi signals :
1)SINHA_2.4GHz and 2)SINHA_5Ghz.
They both have the same passwords. When I connect my phone(Moto One Power) to SINHA_2.4GHz, it works well for like 4-5min and then automatically it gets disconnected. And then after 10-15 seconds it reconnects automatically. This happens like every 5min of surfing. I do not have any problem with my phone's software/hardware as when I connect to 5Ghz connection it works with no problem. The issue is only with 2.4GHz. There is no issue with the 5GHz connection but the router is far away from my home and the signal is weak and thus the connection drops which is normal. But the signal of 2.4Ghz one is strong but the issue is that it automatically disconnects from my phone and reconnects after 15-45 seconds. My laptop is connected to 2.4Ghz one and when I use mobile hotspot from my laptop to connect to my phone it works fine which means that there is no problem with my phone. Also I have already contacted the Motorola Community Forums and they have recommended me to contact you guys after asking me to do certain steps which I did and did not solve my issue (like factory reset my phone, flashing my phone etc).

The thing that baffles me is that my parents phone and my brother's phone works well with the Wifi 2.4GHz with no issue. The problem persists with my phone only, I don't know why. But when I connect to mobile hotspot from my laptop it works fine (which is 2.4Ghz from my wifi). There is no problem with my phone, that is for sure.
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That's whay happens in the UK where I live but I can't say whether other countries do the same.