Solved! wifi behavoir change, MediaPad M3 8 LTE 4G

Jun 17, 2019
Last week our Huawei tablet dropped DNS resolution. Error messages said we'd lost wifi, but could still reach Plex server within my network; the M3 just didn't see outside the network. Network topology hasn't changed in ages.

Okay, I DID just add an Nvidia Shield - they share a gateway, but I see both connecting to independent IP addresses checking my router.

Only other oddity is I'd left a pay-as-you-go sim in after our last vacation, and - when I'd given up and was about to do a hard reset on the thing - I pulled out the memory card and there was the sim ... I took that out, rebooted, and everything worked again. For a couple days.

It quit again yesterday, so I put my phone on tether mode - was able to get online and run updates on the M3. Huawei's built-in diagnostics were unhelpful - maybe it just has some bone to pick with the home wifi (Archer dual band, current firmware).

So - hardware issue? Or some cryptic setting? It's birthday is in less that two weeks so there's that (warranty!). How DOES one diagnose Android network weirdness?

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