Solved! Wifi connects to ethernet and ethernet to wifi.

Aug 30, 2019
So i noticed when watching youtube videos that is had a slow motion like effect audio kept playing normally on 720p Or higher but the video was in slowmotion ( 420p and lower the audio and video were normal) So i looked at my networks and my Ethernet is connecting to my Wifi repeater (5ghz) even though my ethernet cable is plugged straight from my laptop into the main router And my wifi is connecting to my router, and when i turn wifi off all my ethernet connections disappear , so i cant change my ethernet to my normal Router Ethernet anymore. What do i do tho fix this?
and my wifi can connect to both my 5ghz wireless network and my router but when i disable wifi the Main Router network disappears and only the ethernet shows my wireless 5ghz network.

( bad explenations yes i know. english isnt my mother language, if you need any additional information please ask :D. )
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Disable the wireless adapter, see if the ethernet connection works. May help if you post a picture of your network connections from control panel network and internet settings.