Solved! Will a 150w adaptor improve cpu and gpu compared to my 90w for my laptop?!

Jan 10, 2021
I have a Lenovo yoga 15 with a gtx 1050 ti and i7 8550u 16 gb ram 1tb. When I game I know it can do better because my brother has the same laptop except only 2 GB v ram and his laptop doubles my performance. My bios is up to date and driver's as well. I was wondering if I start using a higher watt power supply will it improve performance a little since it feels like its capping or is it designed to only use 90w?. It worked really well once in 2 years one day I started it up and played a game on high quality and it was 70 fps now it's around 30 or less on low or medium quality every time. So as a summary will this help gpu or cpu work a little better? If not please let me know how I can improve my performance in detail, it's been racking my brain for 2 years and it feels like there's somethings missing.