Win 7 HP laptop - broken screen and forgotten password


Dec 28, 2014
In a bind...

My laptop is broken...can be repaired but part has to be ordered and is going to take time.

In the meantime, a friend offered me her old HP Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop. Two issues:
The LCD is broken...can't really make out anything
She can't remember her password

If it boots to Windows I can connect to an external display no issues...but I can't log in.

I have a Win 7 CD/license I can do a clean install with, but since all the boot order stuff can't be shown on the external display, I can't see what I'm doing.

I tried removing the HDD and using a USB enclosure to install Win 7 using a desktop at work, but apparently that is no longer supported.

Based on another suggestion o tried disconnecting the internal display to try to force all output to the external display. That didn't work via VGA...I just noticed the laptop also has an HDMI output...haven't tried that yet.

Running out of ideas unless someone can walk me through the exact keystroke sequence to boot off a Windows CD and get into setup, maybe?

Sticker on the bottom says it's product WA781UA#ABA model dv6-2155dx

Any help is most appreciated. I'm an adjunct professor and my grades are due next week and I can't evaluate projects without a PC running Excel and an add-in...which is why I can't use a computer at my day job since I don't have admin rights to install the add-in.


Dec 28, 2014
Understood...not looking to bypass the password. More interested in figuring out how to wipe the system. Owner hasn't used it in years and says there's nothing on it that needs saving...


Nov 29, 2016

try hireen or strelec to wipe the system...
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