Question Windows 11 Microsoft Store will not recognize that application was uninstalled....


Jul 1, 2011
Hey everyone, it has been a while, but I switched from Windows to Macintosh a few years back, and had no need to ask anything here since....
In any case, I have switched back now, and it seems to have been a mistake of sorts, maybe. ...
My problem is that this new laptop that I just bought came equipped with Windows 11 on it, and this operating system version appears to not be compatible with a lot of things I kind of need on my computer, so I am trying to find workarounds. The first of which is trying to find a way to use an emulator to use Android apps on my laptop, which has been foiled because Microsoft is not certified to use Google Play Store, which is where most of these apps are acquired. I have actually found a couple of workarounds to this, but most do not work, and just waste time and space on the hard drive. :(
I have found another that looks promising, but requires me to use an application called Amazon Appstore, which I already had installed, but would not open. This is downloaded / installed using the Microsoft Store app, but this thinks I already have the Appstore installed, and even though I uninstalled it, and even deleted the shortcut, Microsoft Store still swears I already have it, providing only the option to Open it, and not the option to Get.
As well, the app is still showing in Settings > Apps > Apps & features, even though it has been uninstalled. o_Oo_O
Can someone here tell me how to reset all of these because I want to redownload, and reinstall the Appstore in order to proceed, but my Windows swears up and down that I still have it??
Thanks in advance!!

:mad:(n):mad: PS. This type of thing is why I left Windows to begin with, you almost have to be a world class computer WIZARD to figure it out. :mad:(n):mad: