Windows alternative to Macbook Pro, for late 2016


Oct 28, 2016
I'm in the market for a new laptop, and before today, I was eyeing the new MacBook Pro. However, I was underwhelmed by it in the official reveal today. My absolute first priority is a laptop that has build quality on par with the MacBook Pro's (or as close as possible), with performance and looks being tied for a close second. Anything else is just a nice bonus, really, but the more positives the better. It also needs to not be "garish" (i.e. Razer Blade) - honestly, if the Razer Blade Pro came in an unmarked chassis I'd consider it a perfect fit for my needs. The reason why build quality trumps all for me is that I've had terrible experiences with my current laptop, the ASUS Zenbook UX32VD. I bought it a bit more than 4 years ago, and it's practically unusable now. Pretty much all the screws on the bottom have fallen out of their own accord, the left shift and s keys don't work at all, two other keycaps have broken off, the battery lasts an hour at most on battery saving while simply reading PDFs, etc. All of this, and more, happened after a factory refurbish done by ASUS themselves, and have made me extremely wary of any designated "thin and light" laptops by anyone other than Apple. I hope I'm not asking for too much in a laptop, and that there's someone out there who knows of a company trustworthy for their laptops' build quality. I welcome all discussion so I can get a better understanding of the current laptop market and make the best choice in my purchase.


Jan 18, 2014
in my opinion you should take a look at the razer blade 2015, or the razer blade pro if you need a bigger screen size, If i could actually get them where i live, i would buy one over a macbook in a heartbeat.

I know the 2015 is last years, but imho, a core i7 cpu and gtx970 gpu is miles ahead of the macbook pro anyway
How about a nice Macbook refurb then. Last year technology still pretty good. Only a Macbook do you get 1,000 charge cycles on the battery which should last your everyday Joe many years, 10 hours all day, wo having to plug it in, and by the way Macheads complain, look the hinge is not perfect parallel, I measured it with a caliper! you know they build 'em well. :)

If you like gestures, I bet you my lunch money Windows can never reproduce the smoothness.