Question Windows operating system

Dec 14, 2019
I have a Craig brand windows tablet and it's about 2 years old now but right after I got it it started to do an update on windows and it turned off I turned it on and it gave me the blue recovery screen I tried everything in my power all recovery options available and nothing would work now I have tried so many different things that it needs to have windows reinstalled but my problem is this now that the keyboard will not come on the screen cause it was changed in bios and I gave no operating system or drivers to detect any input devices so when trying to install windows and i need to press next to proceed i gave no way to do that. Can someone help? I have already contacted craig multiple time without any help or solutions.

Saga Lout

Olde English
I'm sorry that no-one has been able to your problem and one of your posts was removed because the original poster had to be banned from the forum.

If you haven't given up and trodden on the tablet, my suggestion would be to remove the battery and press the power button to release what's known as the Flea Power. When it's had a ten minute rest, turn in on and see if Windows loads up in the original version before any changes were made.

Unfortunately, all your personal data will have been wiped but you may have a working tablet.
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