Windows to android connection/malware?


Oct 14, 2016
I have two questions friends, i hope you can help me here :) Sorry if my sometimes wrong english and if the questions are silly, but i need to know in specific..

I have two main questions, i wont get into details how things happened i will tell you the situation:

I co-worker wanted me to to transfer few photos onto his laptop (i dont trust this guy at all) so i agreed (it was for our company issues). We connected the my phone with his laptop using usb cable from my charger. The moment the two connected, a message appeared on my phone, asking me if i want to install software (i am not sure if it said software or something else) on the computer, that will allow pictures sharing, something like that. Before i was able to read it all this guy simple put his finger on the screen and pressed ok.I didnt see anything being installed on my phone, However, i think it opened a folder of his laptop containing all my files and stuff. I am not sure what i say but i instantly plugged out my phone and my usb cable and left (later i send him the photos via email) He told me not to get paranoid and he said this things happens everytime you connect your phone to new device. When i went home i plugged the phone to my laptop the same way to check if same message will appear (I never had plugged it before) The same software offering appear (i am almost sure it was the same) asking if i want to install softoware and so on, i just unplugged it.Now to the question- this guy is good with software and stuff. Could he have somehow configured his laptop to install something on auto run the moment he connects it with andorid phone? Because i checked his laptop and i saw no running program or anything, but it could have been something running in his background. My phone is brand new Sony Xperia z5, so to be sure i used reset to factory settings, then installed malwarebytes for android, scanned with it nothing appeared. I also scanned with the AVG antivirus nothing again. I aslo checked and Allow instalation from Unknow sources is not allowed. Am i safe now after the reset, or the malware could have rooted itself (my phone is not rooted, but i read some viruses can root themselves on their own). And if you ask- yes this guy has reasons to do that, so my fear is normal.

Second question is about another devices of mine, my previous phone- Xperia Z3. If someone had access to it, could he root the phone, install virus/malware, or even some legal spying program, and unrooted it again, and the malware/spy program to remain active and unnoticed? I checked with Root Checker and root access was denied. I also did reset to factory settings to that phone too, but i plan to give it to family member and since i fear other people that i dont trust may have touched it, i dont want to cause trouble to the family member i plan to give it to.

Thank you really for the time you spent :)


First part, sounds normal to me, and the fact that you are not sure about what it even said for sure makes it even harder to sort out.
Find out exactly what that message is and what this software to install is. A pop-up when you plug in a phone or a USB drive or anything like that is normal.

Second, yes, it's possible that someone can install a virus on the phone, but it's not likely that it will stay there after a factory reset. For a virus to last past a factory reset or wipe, it takes quite a bit of work, and unless you are a millionaire and they can steal a lot of money from you, or work for a secret agency, no-one would bother wasting time to do this.