Wiping My Toshiba Laptop and Installing Windows 10


May 15, 2016
Hello. I have a Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7260. My laptop received a windows virus screen and shut down. When I went to boot it back up, it kept reading the "Toshiba - Leading Innovation" screen over and over. I tried holding down the 0 button and pressing the power button at the same time, but that didn't work. I called Mircrosoft and they said that there was a problem with my laptop and that I should call Toshiba, then I called Toshiba and they said that there was a problem with my operating system. After a couple days of messing around with my laptop, I FINALLY got to a screen that allowed me insert a bootable device. The only Software I had at the time was an old Windows 7 DVD from an old PC, so I downloaded that, but I cannot access the Internet with it! The drivers for my devices for my laptop are outdated for that software. I was able to download Windows 10 on a Blank DVD for free just recently. I just want to WIPE THIS MF AND PUT WINDOWS 10 ON IT!!! How do I do that PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!