Wireless Receiver to Wired Speakers ?

Aug 16, 2018
I am at a loss of how to resolve this and am willing to entertain any suggestions.

The previous owner of my house installed wired speakers in the ceilings throughout my house. The wires all run to a location in my living room. Unfortunately, the spot chosen is ill-suited for the purpose. Basically, a little section of wall sandwiched between two windows. On the opposite side of the room there is a large expansive wall. That would have been the logical place to run it to. That is where I have my television mounted.

I am struggling to come up with a method to connect my television on one side of the room to the wired speakers. I have no audio equipment to speak of. As I wanted to see whether I could salvage the wired speakers before investing anything in one.

I considered fishing wires through the walls and ceiling, relocating the speakers' junction to the other side of the room by the television, but have been informed that the drywall repair work would be extensive due to having to cut into walls and ceilings.

Converting to wireless speakers, even piecemeal, would probably require extensive drywall work to install electrical lines to run the wireless speakers. I would be avoiding speaker wire but have to do the same work for a different kind of wiring.

I was wondering whether there was any way to transmit a signal from my television and audio equipment to wired speakers. Placing a receiver by the existing speakers would be possible. But I am unsure whether there is anything that I can use to wirelessly bridge the span of the room.

I know that there are wireless receivers but they seem designed to run a speaker or two, not run an entire network of speakers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

- Jason

Don't know what to tell ya.

If plain drywall, it should not be that hard to patch em back up, unless you have fancy wallpapers and trimmings.

If top of the room is attic - easy. If bottom of room is basement/craw space, relatively easy.
Aug 16, 2018
Unfortunately, there is a bedroom above and a finished basement below.

I don't think there is an electronic gizmo that will solve my problems but I wonder whether I could install quarter-round molding or crown molding, and hide the wires behind it.

You don't really need to connect your TV to the ALL the speakers in the house. Since this is a distributed audio system the home runs don't have to go at the TV so perhaps there is another location that is easier to get to. The pair of in ceiling speakers in the living room might be used as surround if they are in the right location (they usually aren't) so a wireless solution just for those might work. You would still need fronts and sub.
If you have to relocate the wires then using crown molding will work. Quarter round might be too small.
Regular wiremold along the baseboard is an option. Not pretty but it can be painted.
In some cases you can bring the wires outside and back in again hiding the wires behind siding or burying them.
Trench on drywall, I approve.

Just make sure leaving enough drywall top and bottom for nailing. A palm router with a 3/4" straight bit should make job easier, have someone hold the vacuum nozzle next to it so dust doesn't get all over. Wear dust mask.
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