Wireless Speakers To Old Yamaha Receiver


Jul 3, 2017
I have my PS4, PS3, Apple TV etc, connected to a Yamaha HTR-6230 Receiver with a 5.1 cabled speakers. PS4 and Apple Tv are connected with digital audio for example.
Please I want to know if I can replace all that cabled speakers to wireless speakers (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).
Is there an audio system that I can connect to the receiver that comes with wireless speakers?

Thanks for your help!

pd:sorry for my spelling mistakes.
It's not impossible but it is not a simple process. It would involve using speaker to line level converters for 5 channels and bluetooth or proprietary transmitters for 6. you would have to use stereo pairs of BT speakers which have wire between them and AC cords for power.
In some cases the surround speakers and the sub can go wireless. Many subs have wireless built in. I don't think it's very reliable however.
There are wireless surround speaker sets like Sonos and Heos but they don't use a receiver.