Write a C++ program to help the Administration of a football league to manipulate the list of players registered in different


Apr 23, 2017
When the 'Add Player' operation is selected, the main function will ask the user to provide all the information of the new player, then it calls a user-defined function named addPlayer(...) to add the player to the file. Before the record is added to the file, two things must be checked:
o The provided team-letter must be in the range A-Z. This must be validated via another user- defined function named teamCodeIsValid(...); and a suitable error message should be displayed by the function addPlayer(...) if the letter is invalid.
o The number of the players in the specified team must be less than 11 before adding the new player. This must be counted and returned via another user-define function named countPlayers(...); and a suitable error message should be displayed if the team is already full.