Xperia X10 User Review


Sep 10, 2007
I've had the Xperia x10 phone for 1 week now. I own an iPhone 3GS and Blackberry Bold 9000.


1GB of internal storage for X10 is twice as much as Nexus One, HTC Desire or Droid. That means twice as many apps. Most apps are between 2-4 MB in size so do the math.... 250-500 apps. So far I have download 65 apps. I have about 120 apps on my iPhone, so it would seem I have more than enough room for my needs.

My iPhone has 16GB internal, I installed 16GB microSD on Xperia X10 (for total 17GB). So I do get that extra 1GB on the Xperia and when I run out of space I intend to buy the 32GB or rumored 64 GB (love that I can upgrade!).

The Blackberry SUCKS at apps. I have 40 apps and no more memory to add more. I have 8GB MicroSD installed but apps are not stored to SD just like on X10 (android). With iPhone you can have apps in the 1000's installed if you like, but it's not practical. Usually 10-20 is all you ever need on a weekly basis, but it's nice to know you can.

384 MB RAM... less than 512 MB on Nexus One... but others like Droid and iPhone have 256 MB and they have no problems.

App Stores

As you all know, the Android Market grew by almost 10,000 apps in the month of March alone! A fear I had when moving to the Xperia X10 was that I wouldn't find my favourite apps - but rest assured, if it's a useful app on the iPhone App Store then you'll also find it on Android Market. I'd guess with the steady monthly increase of apps on Android Market that it now has between 40,000 - 50,000 apps and at it's current rate it should have between 100,000 - 120,000 apps by the end of the year.

I expect the iPhone Apps store to be on 200,000 by the end of the year.

The Blackberry Market probably has 5,000 apps total. They are generally expensive. You don't find too many farting apps on the Blackerry market though.

The iPhone App Store is still the easiest to use in order to find what you need - followed by the Blackberry Market and then Android. Google, this is supposed to be your strength. It's extremely hard to find what you want using the predefined folders. It seems the folders need to go a few levels deeper to be more meaningfully.

That said - to search for generic phrases like - media player obviously work well on the Android, bring back meaningful results.


Great screen. Impressive brightness and resolution. Best challenger to Bold screen I've seen. Also it has the biggest screen size for an Android phone at 4 inches.

Screen responsiveness is just like iPhone. NO lag.


That 8.1 mp shooter is great. The features on that camera are the BEST for any phone on the market.

- 5 person face recognition
- smile detection
- Touch Capture
- 9 scenes (night scene, sports, party, document, landscape, portrait etc.)
- multi autofocus (5 subjects)
- x16 zoom
- Image stabilization
- Usually common Cybershot features
- Then you can edit you pics etc.

The iPhone camera is better than Blackberry camera - but it's not in the same league as X10s.


Works well! I love the fact that I can download apps - listen to music - play a game - receive e-mail - and get Facebook updates ALL AT THE SAME TIME without closing down any of my running apps. The pulldown task manager shows you all your running apps. I like that idea and it's very accessible.

I treat Mediascape and Timescape like apps, I have disabled them because they pull data via 3G and can impact the battery. The concept is great though. That said, I've noticed it's only slow the first few times, then it stores data of what you pulled down. Subsequent use of Mediascape is considerable faster. Same with Timescape cause the first time it runs it pulls all your Facebook contacts, communications etc.

I have had 6 apps running with no problems and it seems you could go much higher than that.


The X10 is the same size as the iPhone - but bigger screen. Blackberry looks thick next to the x10 and iPhone and obviously has the smallest screen of the 3. It also doesn't have touch functionality!


Blackberry handles e-mail BEST! (you knew that already!). The iPhone and Xperia X10 - at the moment seem about the same. Though Google mail is so so so integrated into the X10. It's literally a feature... kinda like IE and Windows.


The speaker on the Blackberry is still one of the best I have ever used on a phone. If you have never sampled it, do yourself a favor. The iPhone speaker is considerable better than X10's but not in the same league as the Bolds. The X10 speaker is not as loud as the other two phones and lacks any bass.

Mediascape is pretty good at what it does. I know many people have complained about not having equalizer (eq) feature on media player on Android and even question if it is an OS issue or hardware issue. All I can say is - ASTRO PLAYER BETA. This app shows that eq is possible, but it's still beta and I think with Androids popularity growing it's just a few months before there are a dozen options. That said, Sony knows how to do media players and Mediascape is a good challenger to the iPhone capabilities.

I think the Sony headset has more punch than iPhone headset when it comes to bass. Blackberry headset is decent. That said, the Xperia X10 once again does not get as loud as the other 2 phones using Mediascape. Astro Player Beta seems louder to me.


The iPhone virtual keyboard is better than the X10's. You can install the iPhone keyboard on X10 if you like... it's just a click away on market place to get a better keyboard and there are many other options. The Blackberry keyboard WINS! You knew that right?


Battery. Sony best (7-8 hours heavy usage so far) as long as you don't auto download via Timescape. iPhone is second (5 hours) - Blackberry (4-5 hours)

Multi Touch:

I installed Dolphin browser on X10 which we all know supports multi-touch. No multi-touch on the X10. Maybe that's because I need Android 2.0+ to test this. I know Sony says it's a hardware issue... what type of hardware are they using?

A few thoughts to kick around concerning multi-touch on the X10.

1. The X10 may support multi-touch, but because of the Apple lawsuit on HTC, Sony may have disabled multi-touch capabilities on X10. Sony cannot afford a lawsuit and the bad publicity. That said - I have seen games that use dual touch work on the X10 ( - 4:10 in the video). It could be that it reads the touch inputs quickly and synchronously.

Zoom works by pressing screen for 1-2 seconds and a menu pops up with Zooms In or Zooms out... much like that on X10 mini, I think the one finger operation works well. I don't multi-touch much so it's not an issue for me - and the X10 1 finger slide solution works well.

The iPhone pinch to zoom works very well.


Xperia X10 comes with Wise Pilot turn by turn navigation. I love voice enabled navigation (Listening Google?). The iPhone had none and neither did the Blackberry. This may be carrier dependent.

Any questions? Fire away!
Thanks a lot for this good review :)
It would be better if you added some pics too.
About the multi-touch it seems because of a hardware problem,X10 won't support MultiTouch even with Android 2.1,however it seems Sony is working on a software which is an alternative to multi-touch


Sep 10, 2007
So here's an update. With a task manger installed I get about two and a half days from my battery. Much much better than iphone and blackberry.



Sep 10, 2007

I think its more a lawsuit issue than HARDWARE. sony likely disabled multitouch until Apples HTC lawsuit plays Out. There is talk of multitouch with 2.1 update