Yahoo mail, how to mkae messages appear larger on the recepients screen


Mar 31, 2016
The messages that are received by the person she is sending them to are too small, need larger font for them to read.

I have a friend who uses Yahoo mail and there messages are very salal in font size but messages from other sources are large enough to be easy to read, can she change her Yahoo mail settings to fix this?
When you compose a message thru Yahoo Mail' web site - go to Settings, Writing email. Select larger font from there, or just when you write to that person, from text formatting toolbar below the message - select bigger font.
The sender needs to select a larger font size when composing a mail message. I can't give specific instructions as I don't use Yahoo Mail but it should be fairly obvious to the sender how to increase the font size. Usually there's a toolbar at the top of the "compose new message" window, selecting font & font-size should be in that toolbar.