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    Solved! Yahoo mail issue

    I have used the same email address on Yahoo since I got a computer 20 years ago. Now there seems to be an authentication issue that Yahoo has changed and I can no longer use that email address for a lot of things it is either rejected is invalid or I can't send emails to other people from my...
  2. D

    What wrong with my computer ?

    Hi ever sense MS support install word for me my computer is mess up I cannnot get into my emails yahoo mail is very slow and at first i could not get into it then i tired signup for AOL mail now i can't get into that! when i try ti log in i get this error BLERK! ERROR 1 ERR1100 Report ID...
  3. F

    how to delete old yahoo emails from trash can on acer iconia

    cant empty trash can except do individual emails. over 1200 need gone
  4. M

    Long Time,,No login And How Recovery Yahoo mail

    One Yahoo Email Account And Long time((4-5 years) No login,, Join After, verification code answer,,Four-digit code İnformation No,,Phone number No
  5. L

    Asus Zenbook + Yahoo Mail - When composing I suddenly lose the entire message.

    I have been a Yahoo Mail user for many years. Last year I purchased an Asus Zenbook. Frequently, when I'm typing an email message, the message suddenly disappears mid-stroke. It's as if I've mistakenly hit a CTRL shortcut or some weird sequence, but I havent. I can't figure out WTF is going...
  6. E

    Is it possible that certain emails don't arrive on Yahoo mail?

    Hi all. I have a ymail account. Lately, there are some emails that I am expecting, that I am not getting. I am 95% sure it's just that they are never sent for various reason, like lack of time. But, with the email hacking etc. is it possible that I am simply not getting them? The thing is...
  7. L

    i can't get my email from the app

    i cannot get my email from my yahoo mail app. the junk and trash are there but that's it
  8. B

    Google account password forget help, any possibility

    I have a Google account , in which the e-mail is connected to Yahoo Mail which means I use Yahoo Mail to receive new mails to that Google account. I am now still accessible to receiving email of that Google account. However, I've completely forgot the date of creation of the Google account and...
  9. S

    YAHOO EMAIL HACKED through Dropbox hoax email

    Hi! earlier i received an email informing someone shared a file with me on dropbox. I opened it and it asked for my email and pw. I really thought this was normal since I wasn't logged into my dropbox account. anyway, I asked for a phone number and alternate email so I gave an old unused...
  10. F

    Yahoo mail, how to mkae messages appear larger on the recepients screen

    The messages that are received by the person she is sending them to are too small, need larger font for them to read. I have a friend who uses Yahoo mail and there messages are very salal in font size but messages from other sources are large enough to be easy to read, can she change her Yahoo...
  11. W

    Yahoo email retrieval without password or backup email?

    I wasn't sure where else to put this, as there isn't an EMAIL section. Anyone know how to retrieve a password for a yahoo account if you have no backup email? My dads computer crashed and he doesn't remember the password to his yahoo, Yahoo has no way of contacting them. Their "I lost my email"...
  12. a cooperator

    Is my Yahoo mail compromised since I've been notified "a successful sign in to your Yahoo account in United States."

    Hi, I've been recently notified via my Yahoo Email for one time with this notification below(I have replaced my real name with XXX). That message notification below was received to my Yahoo Email Today at 1:29 AM.(on Saturday, Mar 19, 2016, local time for Yemen). However, today in Yemen time...
  13. A

    Cannot Click Anything on Yahoomail! [HELP]

    Hello, i just wanted to ask about this problem (i didn't know where to ask and tried solutions on google but still didn't work) Okay, My mom's email (yahoo mail) is not working you can log in the account but you basically cannot click anything.. open emails., log out, click the settings bar .(i...
  14. C

    Typing a group name in the BCC line of Yahoo Mail

    Hello, I am not sure if I may ask this question here, but I have no idea where to ask it. Yahoo forums do not recognise the question, and Answers do not help either! I am using W.7 Ultimate, and Firefox Browser. In my Yahoo Mail, I have created some Groups in my contacts list. When I used...
  15. T

    There is too much lag time between typing in an email and the words showing up on the screen

    As I type, my hands are moving but the words are dragging. I use Yahoo mail and typing emails is extremely difficult. I type whole paragraphs and have to wait for the computer to catch up. Does this make sense? I'm not sure what to call it, but I feel like the letters are dragging behind my...
  16. S

    How do I get yahoo mail page to open up to a full page; I have to annoyingly try to extend the page to see the full page???

    yahoo email doesn't open up to a full page [Moderator addendum: OS = Windows 7]
  17. M

    strange yahoo mail

    Hallo! In the last 2 weeks I have received mail which appears to have been sent by people I know, one has been dead for 3 years. These people's names are not in my contact list, the mail is sent by iphone, goes to spam folder, address is wierd yahoo, mail contains link which is thankfully...
  18. J

    convert yahoo email files to Outlook files

    Can I convert a Yahoo contact list to an Outlook contact list?
  19. C

    using windows 8. When I type into url, I do not get yahoo mail. This has been going on for about two days now. C

    when typing into url, can not access yahoo email. This start two days ago. Previously not an issue. have dell latitude E5540 with windows 8. Able to access yahoo mail on iphone ok
  20. la321

    mailer daemon yahoo spam

    My att yahoo email started filling up with mailer daemon failure notice about an hour ago for some reason i have no clue how this happened i haven't clicked on any links how do i stop this?
  21. L

    recover my password, i dont remember my alternative mail and nothing about something like that.

    recover my password, i dont remember my alternative mail and nothing about something like that.
  22. A

    How to Set a Vacation Responder in Yahoo Mail

    You can use a vacation responder to inform your colleagues and friends that you are away. Each recipient will receive a personalized email response written by you. Be sure to inform recipients within the email when they should expect to hear back from you once you have returned. Follow the...
  23. R

    How to Change Your Signature in Yahoo Mail

    One feature popular among users is the ability to add a signature, which is a piece of text that is created by the users to identify themselves and is automatically added to the end of every email that is sent. To learn how to change your signature in Yahoo Mail, simply read and follow these...
  24. I

    Yahoo Mail is not working properly

    I can open Yahoo Mail in Chrome, IE but not on Firefox on my main computer. I can open up Yahoo Mail on every other computer I have no matter what browser I use. It is just the one computer that has an issue with Yahoo Mail. Everything else works great. This is what is causing it. Any ideas on...
  25. M

    How to export Yahoo Mail to Outlook PST file

    Hi, I have many emails with significant documents in my Yahoo account, so I want to export Yahoo Mail to Outlook PST file instantly. Is there any easy solution? Please help me...
  26. G

    Yahoo Mail and Heartbleed: How to Secure Your Account

    All of Yahoo is potentially at risk thanks to the Internet-wide Heartbleed security bug. Here's how to re-secure your account. Yahoo Mail and Heartbleed: How to Secure Your Account : Read more
  27. T

    How to clean up all my google services and accounts?

    This kind of falls into applications, but here's my problem: I'm looking for a way to clean up all my accounts. I have a youtube channel that was set up years ago with my yahoo email, and I'd like to switch it over to my new gmail account. I seem to somehow have 2 Google+ accounts, one linked...
  28. G

    Yahoo Resets Mail Passwords After Rash of Hijackings

    Yahoo detected a 'coordinated effort' to break into a large number of email accounts using stolen passwords. Yahoo Resets Mail Passwords After Rash of Hijackings : Read more
  29. A

    Yahoo Email Recovery

    I would like to know if you can retrieve all deleted Yahoo emails (including content) from a Windows XP computer and a Mac OS X computer. Are there certain programs for this or do I need a computer/forensics expert? I am not "tech" savvy. Also, I do not want the computers damaged or altered...
  30. G

    How to Make Your Yahoo Email More Secure

    Yahoo will encrypt its Webmail service in January, but why wait? Here's how to make your Yahoo Mail safer today. How to Make Your Yahoo Email More Secure : Read more
  31. R

    how can I find senders Ip in yahoo mail on android Tablet

    Rcvd yahoo email and can't locate IP and not sure how using Google android tablet.
  32. JMcEntegart

    Yahoo! Users Receiving Emails Meant for Past Users

    Yahoo! takes steps to protect former owners of recycled user IDs. Yahoo! Users Receiving Emails Meant for Past Users : Read more
  33. L

    Yahoo Mail does not log in

    Hi guys, I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but I'm very frustrated and unhappy. I can't log in to my yahoo mail (I can't sign in) I am a 100% sure that my yahoo ID and password are correct. Whenever I type them in, I always get "Invalid ID or password. Please try again using...
  34. D

    Bulk Export Yahoo Email?

    I'd like to get the heck out of Yahoo email. I've got a couple folders in there that I'd like to save, a lot of nostalgia email. Is there any way I can import all those emails in bulk into a new Gmail account or back them up somewhere? Thanks!
  35. Z

    Yahoo Mail Revamp Launched

    Now boasts a consistent look throughout a number of platforms. Yahoo Mail Revamp Launched : Read more
  36. D

    Frontier seems to be forcing customers to use yahoo mail

    Frontier is forcing their customers to use Yahoo mail if you want to get your email on your phone. I'm not going to send email with free advertising for Yahoo at the bottom. And there is no way I want their ads scrolling across the bottom of the screen when I'm trying to read my email. We spent...
  37. C

    How to open 2 separate Yahoo email accounts at the same time in Firefo

    How to open 2 separate Yahoo email accounts at the same time in Firefox? I can do this in IE by clicking File | New Session. I dont see how to do this in Firefox. I have 2 email accounts at Yahoo. Id like to be able to check BOTH emails at the same time in Firefox, just as I do in IE...
  38. B

    Is IE9 or Yahoo! Mail the Problem?

    Over the past week or so I've noticed that Yahoo! Mail in IE9 has become slow to respond. Any thoughts? (Other than changing the applications I'm using.)
  39. P

    Login page is looping

    I can access my yahoo mail but for the last 3 days I cannot login in to yahoo games. The verify passwrd appears and after entering my PW it loops right back on and on and on.... No online fixes including ones from ms. I have IE 8 and never had this problem in over 10 years.
  40. R

    Is my Yahoo mail compromised or hacked?

    I'm not sure if this is the right department to ask this but here we go. I realize much of this is my fault as well as I haven't changed the password for a while now, nor have I changed the alternate email along with it. So basically I tried to log onto one of my backup yahoo email accounts...
  41. D

    Internet explorer hangs up when opening yahoo mail

    I appreciate your help. I have been through several "solutions" but nothing works.
  42. S

    Clicking Email in Yahoo gives Page Cannot Be Loaded

    Hello, I use Yahoo email and developed a problem yesterday. My email site comes up just fine, I can create and send new email, but when I click on an email to open it I get taken to a page saying that the page can't be loaded. The URL of that page starts out...
  43. A

    Sync local outlook folders to yahoo mail

    I have it setup in outlook 2007 where yahoo imap is working. However, I have the old local pop yahoo data that I would like to sync from outlook to yahoo. I have tried copying the outlook pst and renaming that same as the imap data file however all the data erases when you sync it with the...
  44. ginnai

    Yahoo email worm

    Hi all, Hopefully this is the right forum, I was curious if anyone has any experience with a Yahoo email worm. An email was still in my sent folder after I was told about a weird email from a contact, so I assume this is a worm and not a spoofing incident... also that it was still in my sent...
  45. G

    Windows 7 Yahoo Email Error- Compaq

    Everytime my coworker goes to Yahoo e-mail, he receives the error; "If you are seeing this page, your browser settings are preventing you from automatically redirecting you to a new URL" from His Compaq Windows 7 Laptop. He read about it happening online , but has not found a solution and...
  46. D

    Very slow keyboard

    Why does my keyboard go very slow when I'm in yahoo mail, upto 5 seconds per letter, yet it works fine at all other times???? Help!
  47. A

    Opening a pps file

    Hello how can i open a file that is on my yahoo mail attachments for some reason I can no loger open says it is a pps file? thanks I have included the file. A_Place_Called_Earth.pps
  48. R

    Internet exployer

    i can't get my internet exployer on my start menu nor my yahoo mail
  49. C

    Yahoo mail window disappearing

    yahoo mail window is disappearing in seconds after opening
  50. S

    Email attachments

    i am with yahoo email and it won't allow me to download any email attachments. Please help!
  51. JMcEntegart

    Report: MySpace to Launch Email Service

    TechCrunch today reports that MySpace is building a fully functional webmail product. Citing sources “with knowledge of the product,” the site reports that MySpace mail will be aimed at competing with the likes of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. Report: MySpace to Launch Email Service : Read more
  52. L

    What information do I need to send my Hotmail & Yahoo mail to Gmal?

    Idon't think that I can forward the messages into Gmail, but I can download them all to Windows mail. Would you happen to have any of this information needed to set up the accounts with Windows Mail?
  53. M

    syncronizing outlook with yahoo email acount

    Hi there, I want to syncronize my yahoo mail using my outlook software. I created a new email acount, defined it a HTTP mail, inserted "OTHER" in "HTTP mail service provider", wrote my email, and my logon information. However, I get an error "inbox syncornizing headers" 0x80070057.... pls...