Is it possible that certain emails don't arrive on Yahoo mail?

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Jun 9, 2012
Hi all. I have a ymail account.

Lately, there are some emails that I am expecting, that I am not getting. I am 95% sure it's just that they are never sent for various reason, like lack of time. But, with the email hacking etc. is it possible that I am simply not getting them?

The thing is though that whenever I have tried and sent an email to my account, it always arrives. So I am pretty sure I am asking nonsense here. But really, the other explanation is that people have gotten way ruder in the last six months, compared to the past 4-5 years really. Which is also a bit unlikely.

What are your thoughts? (Ps please don't write, just ask them if they got it in a polite manner, that is really not much of an option in this case, for reasons I don't want to get into any further.)


Oct 18, 2013
Check your spam folder, other wise you should see the e-mail if yahoo received it.
It is possible for an e-mail not to get through, but the sender should get a failure notice.


Jun 9, 2012
I have started to check the spams rather regularly lately, because of that. Does not seem to the issue. I have also checked the filtered and blocked email list. They are empty too. Rather weird, was not like this a few months ago, and nothing changes from my understanding. Anyway, thanks for the answer.
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