Access Safari's Tab History through Tap and Hold Actions in iOS7

In any other device or even while using any web browser on PC, if you want to go to the previous webpage, you are required to tap the back button multiple times till you reach the desired page. On the other hand, in iOS 7 it is easy to jump on to a previous page that you have visited earlier in the same session. In order to do so, you can access Safari’s tab history right away which saves a decent amount of time.

This feature in the Safari app in iPhone makes it easy for the users who have limited Internet data plan as they can navigate to the desired page in a few easy taps, hence saving some additional consumption of Internet bandwidth as well.

Here are the steps to help you access Safari’s tab history in iOS 7:-

    ■Long press the Power button to switch on your iOS 7 iPhone.

    ■Swipe your finger from left to right to unlock.

    ■Tap the Safari icon from the home screen.

    ■Tap and hold the back icon (left-most icon present at the bottom-left corner of the interface) which opens the History window containing a list of all the visited pages in the form of links.
    Note: The back icon (left most icon) becomes available (enabled) only if the same tab is used to navigate through the different pages. Also, if multiple pages were opened on the same tab, and you hit the back button to go to the previous page, the forward button (icon with the greater than symbol ‘>’ also becomes enabled, hence allowing you to go forward.

    ■Once the tab history is displayed in the History window, you can tap any of the desired links to jump directly to that particular page.