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  1. Ginko-san

    Question Safari downloads random ZIP file

    So, I've been experiencing something weird. Safari has downloaded a random ZIP file twice so far. The download was made while browsing Facebook and WhatsApp respectively. The ZIP file is called and contains an alias. I did not open the alias file, however, the properties window...
  2. R

    How to Fix Safari Crashing Problems on Your MacBook

    Safari comes built-in with your MacBook. Although a robust application, it crashes from time to time like any other tech. Fixing it on your own is quite simple. Follow these steps to prevent the Safari browser from crashing. How to Fix Crashing Problems by Excluding Safari Suggestions. 1...
  3. T

    I don't have chrome but that is the only button the goodies page offers me

    I recently updated to Safari 12.0 and my Pinterest button would not work. I uninstalled it and went I attempt to install it the Pinterest goodies page offers as the only option Chrome, even though I clicked on Safari. I clicked it once and it said we do not have it for this choice. Thanks!
  4. G

    Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy

    Apple's Safari browser will limit 'fingerprinting' and flag tracking cookies, but it won't take additional steps to protect your privacy. Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy : Read more
  5. W

    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Safari

    Apple browsers can sometimes suffer through the same problems playing Netflix as other browsers. But fixing an unexpected error for Netflix in Safari still follows a simple process. These are the two most reliable ways to get Netflix working on a Safari browser. Restart Your Computer This is...
  6. phix95

    Transferring Safari bookmarks from iphone to android

    I think I've tried everything. And this is the 3rd forum I've been to. Syncing does not work. Any way to do this?
  7. viveknayyar007

    How to Turn Mobile Sites into PDFs on iOS11

    While surfing through the web on your iPhone, you may find an informative website that you think should be saved as a file to be read offline. The best way to get this done is by saving the webpage as a PDF document which is an easy task while using Safari, the built-in web browser in your...
  8. F

    IPAD air 2 Safari kbdhid.sys lockout

    I have an IPAD air 2. While on the internet using Safari I got a message regarding a kbdhid.sys file that locked out safari. Otherwise ipad seems to work fine. I assume it to be some kind of malware. Is there a way to get rid of it, fix it?
  9. S

    youtube problems HELP

    i cant load youtube or watch any videos i tried using safari youtube nothing worked so i had to watch on my computer Can you help me plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!
  10. M

    Object on computer trying to communicate with scary site

    While watching a dailymotion video on Safari on my MacBook, I got a message saying Flash was "preventing an object on my computer from communicating with" Looked up that site, and it appears that was found as malicious in 1 of 67 scans. I ran Bitdefender and found...
  11. U

    Keyboard stopped working (MacBook Pro)

    I'm not sure where to ask, since the other boards didn't seem quite right. I was using Safari and my keyboard just stopped. Only my trackpad worked. I had to go to the main desktop and hit the Spotlight shortcut multiple times to wake it up (I realised then it was system-wide it wasn't...
  12. Z

    "helpsupportservice" pops up on safari, help?

    My friend has a mac system, a MacBook Pro. When he opens up Safari, it goes to a website claiming there is malware installed on his computer. He cannot use Safari and the website tells him to call a telephone number: <<removed by moderator>>
  13. R


    I am due for an upgrade on my smartphone and I am annoyed by the ads I see using iOS on my iPhone with the Safari browser. I really prefer using an iPhone, it seems more 'snappy' and quicker than other phones I've tried and it always works. If you are really adamant about using another phone...
  14. DrRedstone

    is it good to have multiple browsers?

    is it good to have opera, opera next (my main browser), chrome, firefox, and safari, all on my computer at the same time?
  15. C

    Make my sound on my iphone3gs work

    So i was watching clips on safari then the sound just stops working. I press the bottens on my side and nothing shows up. Also when u watch a movie or clip it has no sound thing on the bottom. Plz help. I cant do any thing about it. Thnx
  16. D

    Help with ad-problem in multiple devices in my network

    Hello, I'm having a problem while surfing the web with all my devices: Windows 7 PC, a desktop, an iPad, iPhones and a Kindle tabled: *While i'm surfing the web with my i-device (Safari), it may open a new tab with ad, hijack current tab with ad or hijack one of my "Open in a new tab" with ad -...
  17. N

    What browser is best for Flash gaming?

    So, i got kinda bored of using chrome so many years and decided to switch Browser. Though, i do stand in a Problem.. I play alot of Flash Games like - DragonFable, Adventure quest worlds and so on. I Just can't figure out what browser runs the games best. I'm currently using Safari which i...
  18. A

    How to Manage Extensions in Safari

    Safari allows users to customize their Internet experience with extensions and plugins. From ad blockers to widgets designed to improve your online shopping or social media experiences, extensions can do a wide range of things. Use the steps below to find, install, enable, disable, uninstall...
  19. J

    How to Add Pocket to Your Web Browser

    Pocket has been well-developed for seamless integration into all of your favorite devices and browsers, with just a few simple set-up steps. Using Pocket from your web browser is especially beneficial, as you can save articles, videos, and more for you to view from any mobile device...
  20. viveknayyar007

    Request Desktop Version of a Website in Safari in iOS 11

    Nowadays, most websites are responsive in nature. This means, they can detect if they’re being accessed from a desktop computer or a mobile device, and then automatically change their layout accordingly. While this behavior makes it easy for the end-users to navigate through the web pages, the...
  21. tomsguideUS

    How to Resume an Interrupted Download on a MacBook

    Sometimes when you download large files on your Mac, errors occur and you end up with an interupted download. Sometimes you may need to pause a download and resume it later. Both the Safari and Firefox browsers have the capability to resume an interrupted download on your Mac. Below, we show...
  22. viveknayyar007

    How to Close All Opened Safari Tabs in iOS 11

    While surfing the web on your iOS device, it’s obvious that you’ll open several tabs in Safari to browse various websites simultaneously. Even though there’s no harm in leaving them opened as your iOS device is your personal property, sometime you may want to close all the tabs for security...
  23. tomsguideUS

    How to Clear Cookies in the Safari Web Browser

    Cookies are everywhere and lots of sites use them, from the trusted to the not-so-reliable. There are of course many different types of cookies, and many are just there to help make a site that you use all the time easier to use: for example, to keep you logged in. There are then of course the...
  24. tomsguideUS

    How to Clear Your Safari Browsing History

    There are many reasons why someone would want to clear their Safari browsing history, especially if you are using a computer that you are sharing with others (maybe your Mom). So if you need to hide your browsing history for any reason at all (you may just be looking for gift ideas!), it is very...
  25. viveknayyar007

    Manage Search Engine in Safari in iOS 11

    Safari, the default web browser in your iOS 11 device, uses Google as its default search engine. Although Google being one of the leading search engines across the planet can be the best platform to search stuff online, you may have a different preference. Fortunately in iOS 11 you to pick your...
  26. viveknayyar007

    Access Safari's Tab History through Tap and Hold Actions in iOS7

    In any other device or even while using any web browser on PC, if you want to go to the previous webpage, you are required to tap the back button multiple times till you reach the desired page. On the other hand, in iOS 7 it is easy to jump on to a previous page that you have visited earlier in...
  27. viveknayyar007

    How to Clear Your Safari Browsing History in iOS 11

    Every time you visit a website on your iDevice, the information is added to the browser’s history. While the history of your web browser enables you to check and revisit the already opened websites, it can leave your privacy at risk if your device goes in wrong hands. That said, clearing Safari...
  28. viveknayyar007

    Change the Arrangement of Opened Safari Tabs (iOS 11)

    If you have opened multiple tabs in Safari in your iOS 11 device, most likely you frequently switch between them in order to work on more than one webpages at a time. If the tabs in the browser are not properly arranged, it may take a lot of time to switch to those you want to work on...
  29. viveknayyar007

    Block a Website In iOS 11

    If your kids use your iDevice more than you do as soon as you get back home, you would definitely want to block some websites you don’t want your children have access to. iOS 11 lets you do that quite easily and quickly. Here’s how: ■Get to the Restrictions window Tap Settings > General >...
  30. viveknayyar007

    Access Safari Tab History In iOS 11

    Even if you have been working on several tabs in Safari web browser in your iOS 11 device, you might still use one of those to visit multiple sites, especially when their corresponding URLs are hyperlinked on the page you’re currently viewing. Because of this, you may end up losing the track of...
  31. A

    Prevent Safari From Crashing on iPad When Opening Tabs

    Safari for iPad may occasionally crash if you try to open new tabs. It’s a frustrating glitch that greatly impairs the usability of the device. Luckily, it’s not hard to fix. Use the steps below to troubleshoot the issue. Step 1 Start by wiping out the browser history on Safari. It’s possible...
  32. kaushik37

    Google webpage in Safari make look like Google Chrome

    I am using Google Chrome and Safari browsers on my PC. But on opening the Safari, the Google webpage interface looks like the one when opened in classic mode in smartphone. How to make the google webpage in Safari look like the one when opened in Google Chrome?
  33. T

    Please help me render

    I am about to put 50 videos on Safari, but I am running into some problems. Here is the issue. When I render in MP4 the file is over a 1.53 GB. When I render in H24 it is 1.42 GB. When I render in WMV it is 571 MB. Safari wants MP4 and another site suggests the H24. Am I doing something wrong?
  34. sammy sung

    Safari not connecting to internet?

    My girlfriend has a 2009 macbook, I'm unsure of the exact specs at the moment. I know it has like 4g ram, and an intel core 2 processor. She recently upgraded her os, from which to which, again I forget and I'll update this thread accordingly when I get the info. A few days after installing the...
  35. G

    How to Reset Apple Safari

    Web browsers now include 'reset' buttons to swiftly get rid of browser-hijacking adware. Here's how to reset Apple Safari. How to Reset Apple Safari : Read more
  36. V

    get safari back

    how do i get my safari back for my guest account
  37. W

    Incorrect typeface is showing up on pages across all browsers I use.

    I haven't been able to figure out what typeface is causing my MAC to replace it with a light condensed version of Helvetica or Helvetica Neue. But a prime example is this: It is like this on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari but only on my MAC. It's bizarre... I have tried clearing history cache...
  38. H

    iPod Safari Pictures

    So whenever I Google images on my iPod touch 4th Gen, some are blurry and some load just fine, anyway to fix it?
  39. G

    Apple Sandboxes Adobe Flash Player for Safari 7.0

    Safari 7.0, only for OS X Mavericks, runs the oft-hacked Adobe Flash Player in a protective sandbox to keep you safer. Apple Sandboxes Adobe Flash Player for Safari 7.0 : Read more
  40. TheTechnoTux

    Which Web Browser is Best?

    Look at speed, ease of use and aesthetics. My speed tests using BT Infinity Firefox: Chrome Safari Couldn't test IE as I use a Mac. Firefox and Chrome seem the fastest, which would add up being as Chrome is super-duper-lightweight and Firefox has won the Web Browser Grand Prix many...
  41. D


  42. Z

    iOS' Safari Remains Leading Mobile Browser

    Chrome for iOS accounts for 0.01 percent of browser usage on iOS last month. iOS' Safari Remains Leading Mobile Browser : Read more
  43. JMcEntegart

    Google Settles with FTC for $22.5 Million in Safari Case

    Google and the FTC have agreed on a settlement regarding claims that the search giant had bypassed Safari's security settings to track users. Google Settles with FTC for $22.5 Million in Safari Case : Read more
  44. exfileme

    Google Could Pay $22.5 Million for Safari Violation

    Google will likely be fined by multiple parties over the Safari browser security bypass. Google Could Pay $22.5 Million for Safari Violation : Read more
  45. exfileme

    FTC Fining Google Millions Over Safari Breach

    Google now faces millions in fines by the FTC thanks to the Safari browser fiasco. FTC Fining Google Millions Over Safari Breach : Read more
  46. JMcEntegart

    WSJ: Safari Loophole Allowed Google to Track Users via Ads

    Google and a number of other ad networks have been accused of tracking users web browsing by using a loophole to circumvent Safari's default security settings. WSJ: Safari Loophole Allowed Google to Track Users via Ads : Read more
  47. G

    Webkit Use by Google Chrome, Apple Safari Could be Next IE6

    Dominance of a single browser is rarely a benefit for the evolution of the Internet. Webkit Use by Google Chrome, Apple Safari Could be Next IE6 : Read more
  48. G

    WebCL For Firefox and Safari Arrives

    Samsung surprised us last weekend with the first release of a WebCL (not WebGL) implementation for Webkit. WebCL For Firefox and Safari Arrives : Read more
  49. whooleo

    Safari in all TV commercial computers???

    Why is it that most commercials I see with computers (especially laptops) have Mac OSX more specifically Safari even on computers that aren't even Macs is it because of some TM or copyright or something with the windows GUI because...
  50. G

    Opera’s Secrets Unlocked: 16 Tips and Tricks

    Beyond IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari there is another excellent option: Consider Opera. Here are 16 ideas to get the most out of the latest version. Opera’s Secrets Unlocked: 16 Tips and Tricks : Read more
  51. exfileme

    Steve Ballmer Trashes Chrome OS, Safari

    Microsoft's Steve Ballmer trashes Apple's Safari and Google Chrome OS. You go boy! Steve Ballmer Trashes Chrome OS, Safari : Read more
  52. blackhawk1928

    Fastest Internet Browser

    I have tried and experimented the following Browsers: -Internet Explorer 6 -Internet Explorer 7 -Internet Explorer 8 -Google Chrome -Opera 10 Beta 3 and 9.64 -Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 -Apple Safari 4.03 -Apple Safari Web-kit Developer version (In basics, all the latest versions of the these...
  53. G

    What We Love and Hate About Safari 4

    Just released: Apple's Safari 4 Beta. There's plenty to love and hate about it. Blazing speed is great, but the restore tabs function is still missing. What We Love and Hate About Safari 4 : Read more
  54. G

    Apple's Unveils Safari 4 Beta; Threatens Firefox

    Apple's newest web browser is now available through a public beta test. Apple's Unveils Safari 4 Beta; Threatens Firefox : Read more
  55. G

    Consumer Reports says Apple users should drop Safari, for now

    Chicago (IL) – Consumer Reports has published its annual State of the Net survey and found that one of the most common “online blunders” is to believe that a Mac will shield you from malware threats, such as phishing scams. Consumer Reports says Apple users should drop Safari, for now : Read more
  56. G

    WWDC 2008: Safari 4 Seeded To Developers

    San Francisco (CA) - Apple has given an early beta of the Safari 4 web browser to developers at its WWDC. WWDC 2008: Safari 4 Seeded To Developers : Read more
  57. G

    PayPal Won't Block Safari, But Browser Still Considered Unsafe

    Chicago (IL) - When PayPal's information security chief recently outlined new measures the company will take to battle phishing attacks and online frauds, it became evident that Apple's Safari browser lacks certain basic security features. PayPal Won't Block Safari, But Browser Still Considered...
  58. G

    Microsoft Goes After Apple's Mobile Safari Browser

    Microsoft said today that it will offer Windows Mobile users a Internet browsing experience comparable to what they are familiar with on desktop computers. At the annual U.S. CTIA wireless convention show today Microsoft made a bold announcement to offer Microsoft Goes After Apple's Mobile...
  59. G

    Safari 3.1 Adds HTML 5 Audio and Video Tags

    Cupertino (CA) - A new version of the Safari web browser for MacOS X and Windows platforms made its debut today. Safari 3.1 Adds HTML 5 Audio and Video Tags : Read more