Add a Group to Your Company or Showcase Page

If you have a company page on LinkedIn and you are responsible for managing the page, there may be instances when you want to add one or more groups to your company or showcase page.

Adding a group to your company or showcase page requires just a few mouse clicks.

Here’s how:
    ■Using your favorite web browser sign-in to your LinkedIn account.
    ■Click the filter button (button with the three horizontal lines) located at the left of the search box at the top.
    ■From the displayed options, click Companies.
    ■In the search field, type the keywords related to the company to which you want to add the group.
    ■From the suggestions, select the target company, and click the Search icon (icon with a magnifying glass). (E.g. OHGOI in this demonstration)

    ■Once the company is selected, go to the company page, and click the Edit button located at the top-right corner.

    ■On the Companies interface, under the Overview tab, locate the Featured Groups section from the bottom.
    ■Under the Featured Groups section, in the available field, type the group name that you want to add to your company or showcase page.

    ■Finally click the Publish button from the top-right corner of the Overview tab to add the group to your company/showcase page.


Note: In order to add a group to your company or showcase page on LinkedIn, you must be the administrator or a member of the group.