Add the ‘Shared on LinkedIn’ Plugin to Your Site

If you have a website or blog, having readers share your content on social networks is a great way to spread your content to a wide audience.

LinkedIn allows you to do so by adding a ‘Shared on LinkedIn’ plug-in to your site or blog. When you add the plug-in, and the plug-in is clicked, the corresponding content from your site is automatically shared on the LinkedIn profile of the person who clicked the plugin.

In order to add said plug-in to your site, you must generate its code on LinkedIn and then embed the code on your site.

Here’s how you can generate the ‘Shared on LinkedIn’ plug-in code using your LinkedIn profile:

    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■In the address bar, type the URL and hit Enter.
    ■On the Home interface that comes up, from the left pane, under the Build a Share Button section, click to select the appropriate count mode.(E.g. Vertical, Horizontal, No Count)

    ■Optionally, in the URL to be shared field, enter the desired URL you want to share on your website.
    ■Once this is done, click the Get Code button from the bottom to generate a unique code.

    ■After the code is generated, copy the code and embed it in your website’s code to add the ‘Shared on LinkedIn’ plug-in on your website or blog.

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